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So a summary of my night…

Get there late first of all.
I’m super happy, pumped, dancing n’ stuff.
Then I feel like I’m so alone… but then again, I am.
No one dances with me. No one looks at me. No one cares about me.
No one likes the little girls with no tits like me.
Or no ass like me.
Or the girls who are ‘too’ skinny like me.
They want the dirty dancers… the sluts… the drunk ones.

And then my night just gets worse and I feel like sitting down and crying
And not moving from the bleachers
But my new motto thanks to Matias and Omar: Fuck it.

Although I’m not sure that’s gonna work
cause I’m still incredibily lonely.

Eh whatever. Fuck it.

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2 years ago | 09:58pm

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